Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Serendipity, synchronicity, and squidsquatches, these are a few of my favorite things when it comes to our next fabulous Etsy feature: bicycleocean. I admit it, I have a crush on Naomi, mostly because of the enigma which surrounds her existence. Far away in Flordia, there is a woman who lives, and has weird and fantastic aspects which make me think I have a soul mate who really has a thing for bicycles, cephaloda, roller derby, and for some strange reason, fried eggs. Case in point, I answered my own interview questions before I started this series and who did I pick to play my part in my own movie? Gene Wilder in drag. Read on, and discover the lady of mystery and incredibly diverse talent who is Naomi.

My name is Naomi and I live in sunny (and not so fun) South Florida. I tend to make things that are whimsical, fun, and full of the obvious, LOVE. OH and things that make you say "OH MY!!" I tend to work with just about any medium. Anything from polymer clays, to spare wood, to old lampshades.

2. What projects are you really excited about now? I made my first Katamari Damacy painting. it's AMAZING. I will have it posted soon on my Etsy site just as soon as my internet stops screwing with my LIFE.. ALSO: I made costumes for my friend's music project/band called "CAPTAIN BREAKFAST" (http://www.myspace.com/captainofbreakfast ) He's amazing. I will soon be traveling as their costume and set designer for a bit (HOLY SHIT AWESOME YEAH!!). PICTURES SOON! ALSO: My friend January ( http://vajayj.etsy.com ) and I made two bikes of ours into a Jet and a Tank for a critical mass ride here in West Palm Beach. We were Tank Girl and Jet Girl! ENTIRELY out of free stuff. cardboard, duct tape, spray paint etc. They were amazing. SO hard to part with. PICTURES: http://myspace.com/naomiofthesea

3. What, or who, would you say inspires you? Do you have any other interests that feed your art/craft? I love used crap. Pretty much pass me your old art supplies, free stuff, or give me a good time and a beer and I can pretty much make anything. I think anyway. :-)

4. If you were a superhero, what would your super power be? DEFINITELY Teleportation!!! God I could use this power SO much. That AND invincibility. I'm sure I'm gonna get myself into trouble sooner or later! ;-D

5. What is your favorite part if the creative work you do? The random inspiration. I don't even KNOW where the idea for those Carnie/Circus Freak squids came from, but I'm glad they did!!

6. What would your ideal studio/workspace be like? DEFINITELY an industrial warehouse (not too big, like 2000 sq feet) with a loft built in the back made of all free stuff. Wood, old windows for an ENTIRE wall, etc. I have literally about a car load worth of stuff in my car right now including salvaged koa tongue and groove wood flooring!!

7. Why are manhole covers round? So they're easier to fall through!

8. What is the hardest part of the work you do? Being delicate! Sometimes tiny detail work takes a lot of patience and a steady hand to accomplish. I'm sort of a train wreck, you see.

9. What project would you undertake if money, space, time, any part of reality, were not a constraint? I would run my own Antique Restoration company/ Statue Repair place. AND I would let all my buddies live there so they could delve into whatever random projects they dream about, but can't because of time/ space etc. I have a pretty decent background in this sort of stuff, and I know I could make a serious living doing it too. AND IT'S so entertaining. It's like having 4 puzzles that don't go together at all, but you have to make it work, and make it LOOK like they do!

10. If someone was making a film of your life story, what would the title be, what genre would it be, and what actor would play you?
"Yup, She Was Here." A Memoir of Randomness, Silliness, and Dancing. Genre: Bet Yo Ass! HOPEFULLY Gene WIlder would play me. Even though he's a dude. But I think he'd do a damn fine job!
My Manfriend says the name would be "Secret Snail", and I would be played by R2D2. Not sure where that came from, but it's pretty funny.